There are many different sizes and weights of rods. Each type of rod fits well in different fishing environments. Anglers need different tapers to cover a wide range of fishing conditions.

Albaugh Rod Company's Tapers:

ARC 7'3'' 4 weight:  

It's best served for those quiet meadow creeks and beaver dams that you go to alone. A perfect companion for you and a small box of adam drys.

ARC 7'6'' 4/5 weight: 

Tricos on Silver Creek or PMD's on the Henry's, this rod has spring creeks covered.  The quick responsive taper gives ultimate line control.  It's an ideal dry fly rod that is powerful and maintains a delicate presentation.  The crisp, medium fast taper mends well and has ample backbone to bring large trout to net on light tippet. 

ARC 7'9'' 5 weight: 

This is the "all around five weight" that defines versatility. It boasts a smooth relaxed action that handles dries and weighted nymph rigs equally well. The ARC 795 has a true medium speed that remains light in hand and a pleasure to fish.

ARC 7'6'' 5/6 weight: 

This is the newest addition to the ARC line of tapers.  The ARC 7'6" 5/6 finds its niche with big flies and streamers.  The power in this rod comes out while casting giant golden stones, foam attractors, and articulated streamers.  This rod is tailor made with the South Fork of the Snake in mind.

Fly fisherman have shown a lot of interest in classic tapers.  These rods can range in action from progressive, parabolic, fast, or slow.  Popular tapers are used from Paul Young, Everett Garrison, Jim Payne, Wayne Cattanach, and F.E. Thomas.

Let me know the classic taper you're interested in. We can work together to build the perfect rod for you.

All custom built bamboo fly rods are made with premium Tonkin cane.  Each bamboo rod comes equipped, finished, and protected. This amplifies their flawless beauty. 

Custom Build Bamboo Fly Rod

  • Components
    • Flor Grade Cork Grip
    • Nickle Silver Ferrules
    • Reel Seat
    • Agate Stripping Guide
    • Chrome Snake Guides
    • Tip Tops
    • Wrapped in fine silk.
  • Finish:
    • Finished in a warm, hand polished, spar varnish.
  • Protection:
    • Rod Sock
    • Aluminum Tube

A two piece custom built one tip rod: $1000

A two piece custom built two tip rod: $1250

Contact Matt to order your custom built bamboo fly rod.


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